surrealism and disregard

the death of a nation ? Who cares ?

The flat country might pass away in total disregard, isn't it surrealist?

That s what Belgium is about. Surrealism.
And chocolate, and gauffres, and beer.
Who said Belgium was boring ?

The Cercueil is one of the reknown beer bars in town.
You can drink beer to death.
By the way,Cercueil means coffin, ataud, in Spanish...

The grand Place is classified by Unesco.
-ok, many other cities are Unesco too-
Most buildings date from the Middel Age and have been sketched over and over again by street painters.

Bruxelles most famous monument is Mannekenpis, a tiny bronze boy having a pee in the heart of the city.
On this pic, you can guess a chocolate variant of it in the show window of a chocolate store.

Gauffres are just hilarious delicious.

In Belgium, each smallest village might have its own brewed beer.
Most famous are the strong and tasty trappist beer, brewed by the monks.
Chimay is one of it. It's 9 % alc.

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  2. j'aime le blog de Louise C

  3. u rock, sista
    je suis si fière de toi !
    ... long live Belgium :-)

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