Gunter Pauli : now we don't need another hero !

Published in La Libre Belgique. Download full PDF article in French.

Gunter Pauli is a Belgian businessman, but not a businessman as usual.
He is the kind of man that our system does not produce enough.
That's why he wants to change the system.

I was very lucky to meet him yesterday in Berlin.
To read in French the article I wrote on him for La Libre Belgique, click HERE

He proposes to create a "Blue Economy" to make our world a better place.

Want to see how 100 innovations can create 100 millions jobs in the next 10 years? click HERE or
look at this short video explaining the Blue Economy !

His business models are based on 2 principles:
- To RE-USE that what remains USELESS in other case
- To substitute that what is not sustainable by NOTHING

He already launched various entreprises around the world, always inspired from the natural ecosystem, where nothing goes lost, everything has a function and all basic needs are fulfilled.
It works, it s not magic, it s just another way to approach business, to approach the world, to approach the reality.

Let us not be blind !

2 commentaires:

  1. Finally a proposal for an economic system that can work! Tnx Prof. Pauli!

  2. "The Blue Economy- European Edition" by Gunter Pauli is now available on

    The Blue Economy takes readers beyond the obious and aims to wake up the entrepreneur in all of us. The innovations it explores are founded in solid science and demonstrated by multiple platforms. Committed grass roots entrepreneurs worldwide can realize triple cash flow using open-source innovations that create competitive business models. This book will encourage thousands and perhaps millions of us to apply a Blue Economy busines model that will shift us from scarcity to abundance.