Qué viva la Santa Muerte !

A Photo novel in Mexico DF

In Mexico, the land where narco, church and politics have very loose borders, Death has become holy.
People celebrate Death. More, they sanctify Death.
Death here is incarnated by a lady, a very bony one, la flaquita.
Here are some pics I took in Tepito, a very popular bario in Mexico City where most people worship la Santa Muerte in exchange to Her protection.

The main Altar and worship place for Santa Muerte is on Manuel Doblado Street, in Tepito, Mexico city.

This lady was the first to create a public worship place for Santa Muerte, alsmost 10 years ago. Now they are thousands of similar ones in Mexico, and even around the world wherever the cult of Death has become popular.

The lady can sell you anything you like, from statues to candles or keyholders and earrings, to offer the Santa Muerte and make sure she protects you from your enemies. I bought a 25 pesos - candle and placed it on the altar, next to chocolates and cigarets, amongst other gifts you can dedicate to Santa Muerte.

To know more about Her, you can visit Italian journalist and writer Fabrizio Larusso's blog : he interviewed Santa Muerte recently in Mexico.

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    Je t'embrasse!

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